Our Hawke's Bay team

Doug Bradshaw

Chartered Accountant with a focus on areas including property tax matters, Māori business, overseas investments, and governance. Also a keen golfer, surfer and family man.

Phone: 06 281 2321
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“A client of mine was looking at purchasing a new business and needed to secure finance within a certain timeframe. Within a day we had prepared a cashflow forecast for the new and existing business, along with a draft set of financial statements. The client was impressed with our service and they managed to secure the purchase of the business!!”

Peter Hensman

Chartered Accountant with a special interest in farm accounting. Also confesses to love his job, was a long-serving school trustee and continues to coach cricket.

Phone: 06 873 0488
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“"A client found themselves unexpectedly pregnant, after returning from an overseas holiday that had cleared out their savings account. Peter completed some ninja-accounting investigation, and found that the client was owed just over five thousand dollars in tax refunds. Needless to say the client was beyond thankful their stressful financial situation was alleviated and went as far as to offer him her first born. Peter respectfully declined."”

Rachel Bashnick

Rachel Bashnick is a Chartered Accountant with a focus on helping businesses improve performance and profitability. 

Rachel has worked with clients from a range of industries to achieve their goals.

Phone: 06 280 5422

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“Outside of work Rachel enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends and travel. Rachel currently serves on the Art Deco Trust Board.”

Scott Blunsdon

Chartered Accountant with 10+ years’ experience in a CA environment. Specialising in IT and technical accounting software, with a special interest in farm accounting and the trades. Adiv sport fan and enjoys time with his young family.

Phone: 06 873 0498

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“I encourage clients to utilise accounting software to streamline their business operations giving them time to work on the things they are good at. Accounting software also gives business owners more visibility into their financial performance. Both helping with continuous improvement and efficiencies which ultimately should lead to better profits.”

Ilana White
Senior Accountant

Chartered Accountant with both chartered accountancy and corporate experience. Also ensures staff are kept up to date with their training when there have been changes to the taxation law. Outside of work time I love to spend time with family, travelling and always enjoy a good book to read.

Phone: 06 873 0487
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“I try to ensure that I talk to you in easy to understand language so that you are not overwhelmed with accounting terms and jargon. ”

Stephen Shepherd

Chartered Accountant with expertise in computer systems, contracting, construction and property development. Also a pilot and motor-racing enthusiast.

Phone: 06 873 0499
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“Quite often when Stephen is heading away on annual leave to other regions, he will pop in and check on his clients who are on the way (e.g. when travelling to Wellington, he will pop in and see clients in Palmerston North) - even though he is technically 'off the clock'.”

Debbie Richards
Client Manager

Accounting Services Manager and workflow wizard. Also a pillar of the company serving since 1997.

Phone: 06 873 0486
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“Some clients may feel stressed when dealing with the IRD or banks, so it's very satisfying to be part of relieving that stress and burden for them through breaking down information into clear-cut and easy to understand results.”

Samantha Renall
Client Manager

Chartered Accountant and Xero Certified with 5 years’ experience in a CA environment. Relocated back to her hometown after living in Auckland. Sam is a keen traveler and puzzler and enjoys trying new eateries with family and friends in her down time.

Phone: 06 873 0489

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“"I enjoy solving problems for my clients and making their lives easier, allowing them to focus on the business instead of accounting."”

Janine Holman

Accounting Technician and Xero Certified with over 25 years experience in the Chartered Accountancy Environment

 Phone: 06 8730491

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“Outside of work, Janine enjoys spending time at the gym, swimming and with family”

Eleonor Reyes

Has previously been working in accounting roles in the private and corporate sectors and is enjoying the challenge of the Chartered Accounting firm environment. I joined Shepherd Hensman from windy Wellington and now loving the sunny Hawkes Bay lifestyle

Phone: 06 873 0490

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Tania Beattie

Tania is an experienced accounts administrator with approximately 20-years’ experience across the IT, Import, Distribution, Construction and Recruitment sectors.

Phone: 06 8730493

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“"Outside of work, Tania enjoys arts and crafts, as well as spending time with her friends and family. She is currently the Treasurer for the Keirunga Pottery Club."”

Gillian Jack

Key administrator and financial statement quality controller. 

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Rachel Stalker

Rachel is responsible for greeting clients and visitors and providing general office support. Rachel is a devoted mother of two and loves spending quality time with her family and friends.

Phone: 06 873 0477

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Dayna Joblin


Phone: 06 8730480

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Russell Jaggard
IT Manager

Russell works Tuesday to Friday and is responsible for the internal IT needs of the company while also providing accounting software support for clients.


Phone: 06 280 6009

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“Using Accounting Software can sometimes feel daunting, I help clients get to grips with the day to day use of accounting software and trouble shoot any problems they may have”

Logan Stevenson

I enjoy developing my skills in accounting to help benefit our clients. I am also extremely passionate about agriculture and am excited to develop my skills in Agri-Accounting.


Phone: 06 873 0482
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Shelley Hema
Company Administration

Shelley works Monday to Friday and is responsible for all Company and Trust administration


Phone: 06 873 0477
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