Our Services

A step beyond traditional chartered accounting firm services

Shepherd Hensman differs from traditional chartered accounting firms through the range of services we offer. In particular, rapidly evolving technology is changing the way businesses are run. We place a strong emphasis on keeping up with the latest developments so you don’t have to. Browse our services, or stop in for a chat and tell us what you need.

Business Accountancy Services

Get peace of mind with all your accounting and taxation requirements are completed and delivered on time so you can get on with what you do best.

Business Development

For a business to grow, it’s important to take time out from working in your business to work on your business. We have plenty of ideas that can help.

Accounting Software

Choosing the right accounting software and hardware for your business is often determined by the latest trend, not what your business actually needs.

Tax Planning

Lessen your tax burden and gain peace of mind as you look to the future. There is a plan to minimise tax for every individual and organisation.